Monday, June 14, 2004

among the cruelest and most enduring consequences of a public outpouring of sympathy

An e-mail from a DoublePlusPremiumSubscriber in Tashkent, OH:
Sometime over the next few weeks, my nephew will be born. However, until just a few days ago, my sister and her husband had not settled on a name. Among the names in contention were "Sargent" and "Hercules." My sister was not very excited about these names, though. One way in which our family tried to sway my brother-in-law away from the name "Sargent" was to remind him that this name has connections to the Kennedy family, and therefore, connections to the Democratic party. "That's okay," he responded, "because Arnold Schwarzenegger is now in the Kennedy family, too." various strategies to steer him away from the name Hercules were similarly ineffective. This story has a happy ending, though! In the end, my sister and brother-in-law were able to pick a name that they both wanted. They decided to go with "Reagan"...
If they want a name that commemorates the recently department, they could go with "Ray" or "Charles" or even "Tony" or "Randall."

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