Sunday, June 20, 2004

answer: fourteen

question: Hey, I heard that Jeremy, with the best intentions, was planning on reading Loic Wacquant's Body and Soul this weekend. What page was he on when he finally decided that it wasn't anything for which he felt any reason/enthusiasm/patience/will to continue?

answer: "The gym, as we shall see, is the forge where the pugilist molds himself into shape; the workshop wherein is manufactured the body-weapon and shield that he intends to launch into confrontation in the ring; the crucible wherein the technical skills and strategic knowledge whose delicate assemblage makes the accomplished fighter more honed; and finally, the furnace wherein is stoked the flame of pugilistic desire and the collective belief in the validity of indigenous values without which no one would dare risk himself for very long between the ropes. But the boxing gym is not just that, and its ostensible technical mission--to transmit a particular sporting competence--must not conceal the extrapugilistic functions it fulfills for those who come there to commune in the plebian cult of virility that is the Manly art."

question: What were the last two sentences Jeremy read before he quit?

answer: "Life is too short."

question: What was the phrase the Jeremy murmured to himself, out loud, as he closed the book and tossed it onto his bedroom floor?

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