Wednesday, June 09, 2004

given the amount of time i've blown re-doing this template, don't even think i'm going to write a post

Although I would appreciate feedback about the font. I've always been a fan of serif fonts for reading text, since I think it is much easier to read on paper, but it seems like the world is going to sans serif fonts for reading text on-screen.

For that matter, ideas about the template in general are certainly welcome. I will probably continue to tinker with it into the indefinite future. Indeed, I switched over to another window right now and just tinkered with something else. And there, I just changed something and then changed it back.

One of the primary motivations for changing the template is that I wanted the column of opportunity that is a sidebar. More things will be added to it. JFW is currently taking sidebar requests if there is anything you'd like leftwards.

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