Friday, June 04, 2004

apparently: round beans and rice didn't miss me

More e-mails have arrived regarding the recent post about the drawing at the top of this page. The artist, who is not to be confused with either The Artist or The Artest, wrote a short note of appreciation for all who have sent their e-props for the drawing. He also mentioned that it was actually rather hard for him to ascertain the shape of my head, since all he had to work with was a single digital photograph taken from an odd angle (namely, that of me holding the camera two feet from my face). Someone else who has seen that picture commented that it made my face look conical, but I'm not sure if they meant that or if they were saying that only because of a mixup between the 'n' and adjacent 'm' on their keyboard.

The most interesting e-mail to arrive so far is from a reader at least claiming to be Sir-Mix-A-Lot, writing from Seattle, WA. SMAL (or impersonator thereof) indicated in his message that he was a "long-time listener, first-time rapper" to JFW. Anyway, he is apparently working on a new project that will be an album composed entirely of new songs all written to the tune of his 1992 Grammy-winning posterior-paean "Baby Got Back." The drawing apparently moved him to try to pen a contribution to the album-in-progress based on my blog, which he ruefully abandoned halfway through at the behest of his JFWphobic managers. Anyway, SMAL sent me the lyrics that he had written to that point:

I like round heads and I can not lie
All my readers just can't deny
That when a head shows up with a chirpy little face
Fillin' up my blog web space
They think, "Swell!"
Wanna read on down
Cuz they notice that head's drawn well
At the top of the blog I'm writin'
Is a picture that's so excitin'
Oh, Jeremy I wanna get wit' ya
Because of that picture
Three Divas say I loony
That the head I got
Look so cartoony
Ooh, I like that drawin' style
Makes me think of that Charlie Brown
He drew me, I look groovy,
now all I need is my good pal Snoopy

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