Tuesday, September 02, 2003

don't let's start

Argh! The busier things are, the more things come up that would be fun to add to the weblog, but the less time one has to actually indulge in writing to the weblog. Especially when today, after rushing so much to get out of the RV and up to campus that I left half my face unshaven, I then spend something like 30 minutes driving around trying to find the parking lot I've been assigned to this year. Part of my driving around lost, incidentally, included a particularly confused stretch where I was accidentally veered onto one of the bicycle/pedestrian paths and had to follow it for what seemed like half a mile before there was a street-intended-for-cars I could turn off on.

Even while I may feel overwhelmed, the world marches on. And certainly, the NFL isn't going to delay the start of their season to give me a chance to catch my breath and get my act together. Today, Rob "Babycakes" Clark sent off an e-mail appropriate to the season to remind everyone about the beginning of his annual NFL pool:

So I'm peering out my window with eyes wide open and mouth agape, and what
do I see? Rubbing my eyes furiously with tight fists and pinching myself
for good measure, I notice that a few of the leaves on the nearby tree
have started to turn, putting on tiny sun-colored jackets over their green
t-shirts to warm themselves. A slight chill has visited us recently,
reminding us of shorter days to come. The local school bell now greets
the morning, ringing through the autumn air with an excited buzz, causing
little, sleepy heads to pop up, ready to be filled with important dates
and facts.

Where's that apple for Mrs. Crabtree? Ah, there it is! Better put on
your long-sleeve shirt today, Billy. Flip that calendar to September,
would you please, Mary Sue? Ah, yes, that's right. These are the days,
with clothes never newer, pencils never sharper, laces never tied tighter,
that we look towards the coming season with unrivaled anticipation. A
chance to begin again, the slate wiped clean, opportunity knocking on
every door. What will this new season bring for us? Straight "A"s, an
undefeated season, and a bountiful harvest are never out of the question.
And, as with everything else, we are washed anew with the start of this
year's football pool!!! So strap on your thinking cap! Because this will
be the year that YOU shine! Yes, that's right, YOU!

This year, we have a whopping 15 contestants! The 2003 NFL Pool Champion
will win the 1st place prize of $180, plus an original haiku written about
him/her by Dr. Jeremy Freese...

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