Tuesday, September 23, 2003

dahlia sends in a post from poolside

after the third week, babycakes and the rascally rita-and-ashley twins have opened up a lead on everyone else, but i have caught up to shelley correll and now am tied for fourth. i'm assuming for now that rob is just playing hard to get, at least if he knows what's good for him.

Cumulative Rankings      

T(1) Rob Clark 34 <-- he WILL be mine
(1) Ashley Finley 34
(1) Rita Noonan 34
T(4) Shelley Correll 31
(4) Dahlia Hawkins 31 <-- i WILL NOT be ignored
T(6) Anne Berry 29
(6) Steve Hitlin 29
(8) Nick Kroska 28
T(9) Paul Noonan 28
(9) Jeff Tonole 28
(11) Joe Berry 26
(12) Jean Winsterman 25
T(13) Ellie Buckley 23
(13) Lauren Winsterman 23

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