Tuesday, September 30, 2003

post-hoc dispatch from Washington DC

I'm writing this post from the Bertucci's near the campus of George Washington University, in Washington DC. I won't get to post it until after I get home tonight. The conference that brought me to DC is finished, and I'm about an hour from having to leave DC for my flight. Truthfully, I skipped out of the conference a little earlier, and walked down from the National Academy of Sciences building to see various memorials--the Albert Einstein Memorial, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, the Washington Monument. From there, I went to the cel phone and called Kathryn (a GW alum) and went on a talking-while-walking tour commemorating some of her favorite campus sites, including the various dorms she lived and worked in while she was here (William Fulbright Hall, John Adams Hall, Thurston Howell Hall, Anthony Michael Hall, and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis Presley Hall). Now I'm having lunch where she had her first date with her college boyfriend Stefan, who when they dated was a 15-year old sports agent wunderkind and who has since vanished off the face of the earth, perhaps as a result of his brief representation of Todd "Willis" Bridges for his appearance on Celebrity Boxing.

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