Tuesday, September 09, 2003

football report, no time for clever titles

The good news: My Hawkeyes crushed the hapless University of Buffalo Bulls last Saturday, 56-7, putting them at 2-0 for their intrastate clash with Iowa State this weekend.

The middling news: Dahlia is smack at the median in the first week of Rob Clark's NFL pool, which I've opted out of since I've agreed to write a haiku for the winner. In Rob's pool, you pick every game and the winner is the one who makes the most correct picks for the 256 games over the course of the season.
T(1) Ashley Finley      12 

(1) Rita Noonan 12
T(3) Anne Berry 11
(3) Rob Clark 11
(3) Shelley Correll 11
(3) Paul Noonan 11
T(7) Ellie Buckley 10
(7) Dahlia Hawkins 10 <--
(7) Steve Hitlin 10
T(10) Jeff Tonole 9
(10) Lauren Winsterman 9
T(12) Joe Berry 8
(12) Nick Kroska 8
(12) Jean Winsterman 8
(15) Tim North 4

The bad news: Sunday's dolphin-squishing by the Houston Texans put me--along with 14 of the 18 other participants--on the edge of the waterfall in Rita Noonan's SURVIVOR NFL pool. In that pool, you pick one team to win each week, you can't pick the same team twice, and the second time your selected team losing your over the waterfall and out of the pool. I can't believe I might be out of that pool by the end of Week 2. I should be having Dahlia make my picks for me, she's much more into the NFL than I am.

The bad, bad news: My good cheer over the Hawkeyes was tempered by when the Virginia Cavaliers, the team of my long-suffering ACC friend and idol Jean Shin, lost 31-7 to South Carolina. One could blame Virginia's star quarterback being injured, or one could blame the hex that was placed on Jean-0 by a mysterious man in a shiny red blazer while we were hanging out at the ASA meetings a couple of weeks ago:

(your weblog author, left, with Jean Shin dressed in his Virginia jersey at ASA)

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