Thursday, September 11, 2003

ahoy, mateys, i'm here to talk about survey attrition

I'm giving a talk in Washington DC next week about survey attrition next Thursday (9/18). I am thanking my lucky buccaneer stars that it didn't turn out to be on 9/19, not because of my general leeriness about giving presentations on dates that are palindromes, but because it's International Talk Like A Pirate day, whose esprit-de-bloodthirsty-raider Rob Clark has honor-bound me to obey.

I will have plenty of chance to show off my high seas fluency (and my cutlass!) on the 19th, as it does turn out that the Social Psychology and Microsociology seminar is meeting that day, and I will be driving down to Iowa City to meet friends for the Hawkeye football game the next day. Now that I have had the LASIK surgery, I won't have to sport an eye patch and glasses.

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