Tuesday, September 23, 2003

four unrelated observations

1. I realized recently that, due to some rather complicated turns of events that I would rather not go into on the weblog, I am statistically more likely to be a homicide victim now than at any previous point in my life. Whereas before I think my being killed would pose a mystery for police because there would have been no obvious suspects, now it might be equally mysterious because they are several. It's an intriguing feeling, really. You'll forgive me if I no longer broadcast what dark lot I have pushed the RV into now.

2. I realize that everyone complains about how gossipy their workplace is. Lately, however, I have been confronted with several unrelated instances of me or other people not knowing things around here that, really, it's remarkable that we had not heard before through some grapevine or other (nothing about me, so don't try to be Encyclopedia Brown). In other words, I'm starting to think that the UW Sociology Department is not gossipy enough, or maybe just that the lack of information propagation may speak to there being something wanting about the social dimensions of the environment here.

3. I broke a full length mirror in the RV yesterday. Just what I need: a seven-year run of bad luck that will take me up until when I am pushing forty. If there had been any cats or dogs present, I don't know if there seven years is served in solar-years or cat/dog-years; I would hope for their sake the latter. Incidentally, regarding the RV, someone said recently that I seemed like the sort of person who would live in an RV. I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.

4. Gordon Jump is dead.

Update re: #1: A reader from Kearney, NE, e-mails: Jeremy--I just read your weblog entry. I have a great fear of being murdered, and would never use my real name and place of work on the internet because of it. I have a friend who has a website and posted his full name, address and phone number as part of his resume. I asked him, aren't you afraid of being murdered? You and your entire family? Anyone can find you. He said no, he wasn't worried. I didn't understand, but he was still alive as of last week, unless his murderer is sending out e-mails in his name to cover up his hideous crime. In any case, I would have noticed a triple homicide in [location], and their last name is very memorable as it has a number of less-common consonants. At least, less common to me.

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