Thursday, September 25, 2003


[Note: The Catacombs is the Madison campus's "faith-based coffeeshop."]

"Did you see where the All Girl Summer Fun Band is playing the Catacombs this Friday at 8pm? Is that actually true or some weird crusader ploy to attract the unwashed for some mass conversion attempt."

"I hadn't heard. Lots of indie bands play there, so i wouldn't be surprised."

"You mean indie in the conventional sense of 'independent', or indie in the sense of 'in deep with The Lord.'"

"In deep with the Lord, of course. I'd stay away from there unless you want to end up with a role in a Christmas pageant."

"Oh, I know. Last year I went to a Sixpence None The Richer concert there when suddenly I turned and a man in a trenchgun was pointing one of those tranquilizer-blowguns at me. Next thing I knew I had been abucted and forced to play the role of Bartholomew in Mel Gibson's Passion."

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