Monday, September 22, 2003

possibly the lewdest thing you will ever read in this weblog

Okay, so this anecdote takes place after my flight arrived in DC on Wednesday, and I'm standing in the taxi queue waiting to go to my hotel. The guy behind me in line is talking on his cel phone. Despite his strange choice of a bow tie, he had the seedy somewhat-older businessman air of someone who feels inconvenienced by all of the reforms regarding sexual harrassment that have been introduced into the business-world over the past two decades. (In an unfortunate bit of accent-ism, I will admit that his Southern-country-club-drawl probably contributed to the impression I formed.)

But anyway, he was talking in his cel phone about whatever business he was involved in, when I heard him say "Well, you know what my mama always used to say about the old maid". I heard it, at least, as being said with a lecherous cast, like it was being offered as the set-up line for a lewd joke. There was a pause of more than a beat, as though the person said something beyond the prescribed straight line of "What?" Then the man said, I think, "She said she always likes the room".

My taxi pulled up shortly thereafter. Granted, it was not a long taxi ride to my hotel. But I spent the whole rest of my time in line and the taxi ride trying to figure out what this punch line possibly meant. Like I said, it sounded like it was supposed to be some kind of bawdy joke, but I don't get it. I even tried substituting in various words that I could have misheard and trying to make a joke out of those. But I'm pretty sure what I heard and typed above is quite close to what was said, if not exactly right.

Perhaps the joke is the lewdest thing that has ever been typed by human hands, and I will be kicked off blogspot, fired from my job, and imprisoned on an island for the the inadvertently salacious just for posting it. Special weblog contest #7: Explain this businessman's joke for me, whether it be the joke above or some near miss that would make sense. And do so quickly, because this is supposed to be a weblog for the whole family, and so if this is something unspeakably lascivious I should know so I can erase it immediately.

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