Tuesday, September 09, 2003

mundane update, again no time for clever titles

A regular reader from Bloomington, IN notices my online absence and asks:
one (hopefully, unintended) consequence of you not blogging so much these
days is that i have less of an idea of what's happening in your world.
how's it going?
Busy! Even despite my reduced formal obligations this semester, the start of the semester has led to much going on. Especially getting settled into the RV, which I managed to get running long enough to now have parked outside a Shopko in Fitchburg (as an aside, I never realized Shopkos were so large, more like K-Marts than like Walgreens). And I've succumbed to this ridiculous addiction to trashy mystery novels, although I have resolved not to begin any more until I have some of the massively overdue things in my life under control.

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