Sunday, September 14, 2003

dial m for matriculation

I just got the following e-mail. Question: if a company gives one number as being available 24 hours a day and a different number and a different one as available 7 days a week, which are you supposed to call when?


Do you want a prosperous future, increased earning power
more money and the respect of all?

Call this number: 1-212-214-0422 (24 hours)

There are no required tests, classes, books, or interviews!

Get a Bachelors, Masters, MBA, and Doctorate (PhD) diploma!

Receive the benefits and admiration that comes with a diploma!

No one is turned down!

Call Today 1-201-584-0293 (7 days a week)
Hmm. Let's investigate...

I just dialed the 24 hours number: answering message, with the nice intellectual touch of the speaker being a woman with an English (or maybe South Asian-British-English) accent. You are supposed to leave your name and TWO numbers and someone will get back to you.

The 7 days number: Same accent, same message. I wonder if there is so much demand for this that its too much for one meager phone line to handle.

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