Wednesday, September 17, 2003

once again, witness the blurry line between the prolific and pathological

A interesting graph to make would be one tracking the length of Gregg Easterbook's weekly NFL columns (now at over the last 3-4 years he has been doing them. He's one of those writers who has crossed the threshold from being kinda-funny to being kinda-funny-and-kinda-annoying, especially now that his columns involve more extensive digressions into politics and evaluations-of-various-women's-attractiveness. Meanwhile, the sheer length of his weekly columns has gone from being kinda-quirky-and-endearing to being kinda-tiring-and-scary. I wonder if he needs some kind of intervention, or if he keeps being propelled to write more and more because of the many e-mails he quotes from readers, sort of like the posting-addiction-theory that was proposed on this weblog awhile back. Anyway, if there were a large coterie of people simultaneously interested in professional football and speculations about mental health, I would start a pool to predict when this guy is going to have some kind of implosion/breakdown/meltdown/epiphany-that-requires-a-leave-of-absence.

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