Monday, November 29, 2004

you be the judge!

A reader comments:
I understand that a friend of his was the victim of a hit-and-run accident perpetrated by someone parked in a neighboring spot.
The story: My friends "Eric" and "Amanda" were visiting last weekend. The driveway where I park my car is basically divided into four slots, and they parked in my slot behind my car. When we came out Saturday morning, the passenger side of their red truck was seriously scratched, as though someone had scraped it while backing out. The obvious candidate, then, would seem to be my neighbor "Linda ", who parks in the adjacent slot on the side that was scratched. "Linda" and her car were gone when we got up, however, and later she seemed to not be answering her door even when it seemed like she was home.

Anyway, when I finally did get the chance to talk to her, she denied knowing anything about my friend's red truck getting hit. True, the back of the driver's side of her car does have a sizable dent, but it had a dent before from when she hit a parking garage. So who am I to accuse "Linda" of lying? The photo above, however, shows the scratches on the driver's side of her car. You can look at the photo and decide you think if the scratches suggest not only a collision with a parking garage but a second collision with something red.

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jnsys said...

Now, if we were CSI, we could get a sample of paint from the suspect car, and run it through our handy-dandy database of paint info from all car manufacturers, foreign and domestic. We could then use such evidence to coerce a confession from the suspect, who would then break down in tears and confess that she did it because she was jealous that someone else was visiting Jeremy when she wanted him all to herself.

Or something...