Tuesday, November 02, 2004

crimes of election-eve polling

About 6:30 last night I got a call from a pollster. First question:

"Who do you think is going to win the election, John Kerry or George W. Bush?"
"I don't know. It seems about as close as you can get."

And then she says "Okay" and then says the disclaimer stuff that you say at the end of a poll, which included identifying herself as conducting the poll for the Democrat National Committee. "That's it?" I exclaimed, "You don't even want to know who I'm voting for?" The implied answer being, of course, no. I very annoyed by the thought that the DNC money that I donated might have gone for this poll.

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Sarah said...

I did some calling for the RNC four days before the election. We only continued the conversation if they answered in the affirmative. If they were ambivalent, undecided, or negative in their response to "if the election were held today, could the President count on your support," we drew a big black line through the name, and they were not contacted anymore (they were counted the same as disconnected numbers).

I'm not sure what the reasoning behind that is, exactly, but there you go.