Wednesday, November 10, 2004

hi, my name is dorotha scheisskopf, and i'll be your ta this semester

Today, passing by one of the TA offices, I was called in to offer my professional opinion about this cartoon that was featured in one of the student newspapers. Specifically, I was asked what that was supposed to be on the TA's head, especially given that there were flies buzzing around it. Then, when I revealed myself to be as perplexed as everyone else, I was beseeched, in my role as Nominal Authority Figure, to e-mail an inquiry into the matter. To whit:
I am having trouble figuring out your cartoon today.  First, 

is that supposed to be a pile of feces on the TAs head, or
something else? Second, if it is supposed to be a pile of feces,
is it a pile of feces because this is supposed to represent the
content of the TAs head, or is it supposed to represent how the
regents have treated the TAs in the past?
The cartoonist responds:
It's not a pile of feces, it's just a hat (with flies 

buzzing around it). However, I suppose it does look that way. But
feces or no feces, I am stating a point that the regents are arguing
the pay increases because it will make the UW more competitive. [...]
The image was supposed to be a king and a peasant, and if it is feces
it would only represent the content of the outside of the TA's head
because they don't have enough money for shampoo, and of course not
the inside. TA's deserve the same respect other faculty and staff
receive because it is from them that I have derived much knowledge,
many friendships, and of course the motivation behind this cartoon.


Anonymous said...

As above, so below.

Anonymous said...

Just know that being a Scheisskopf is a mark of honor and respect.
-E. Scheisskopf

A+ said...

Who are the "many" TAs that befriend undergrads? I am told that it happens a lot, yet I would not consider myself friends with any students, present or former. I don't have anything against it, I'm just not. Dorotha says that it probably happens with men more than women. Hmm.