Sunday, March 25, 2007

wwol week four update

WWOL - Week 4

I am through 4 weeks of my scheduled 10 week diet, and I am down 9 pounds. In addition to eating a pound of carrots every day I am at the office, the main staples of my diet are Lean Cuisine meals and Breyers light yogurt. When I go out to eat, I restrict my attention to the salads. Coke Cherry Zero remains my loyal companion, although one should ignore rumors that our relationship is anything more than strictly platonic.

The upcoming week should be relatively easy, but then the week after that is followed by a couple of trips, which is where I teeter closest to caloric-conscious-lifestyle ruin.

Confession: While not perfect, I've done pretty well at sticking to this diet. No way I would be doing as well if not for me announcing that I was going on a diet on this blog and knowing that if I fall off the wagon I am going to have to pronounce that to whoever reads this. Another way that having a blog has improved my life.

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jess said...

Congratulations, Jeremy!

I'm down a pound this week. I've decided that I don't like weighing in on Mondays because my weekends are my weak spot -- especially when I have houseguests, like this week.

Maybe next weekend I'll try the Jeremy diet to see if I can maintain more of my weekday loss come Monday.

Keep it up.