Thursday, March 15, 2007

sequel to previous post

I was having a conversation with a friend on one of the couches in the lobby of the hotel. As we were finishing and I was about to stand up, she said, "Make sure you don't lose your wallet."

I looked down and my wallet had fallen out of my pocket onto the couch without my noticing.

"I read your blog."


Anonymous said...

I switched to a "trucker" wallet years ago to remedy that. But I don't sport an exaggerated "punk" wallet-chain, just a fairly unobtrusive one. Still, it's pretty bad-ass for an academic.

Anonymous said...

I lost my wallet in 7th grade at an MHS football game. In it was my moped license and driver's permit. I was so crushed, I've never carried a wallet since. If I leave home I put cash, credit card, and my license in a front pocket. Pretty impossible for that stuff to fall out.

Tina said...

If there is a parallel condition that applies only to homeowners, I've got it. Toilet leaks, closet mold, shower leakes, frozen pipes, and the furnace just quit last night at 10pm.