Monday, March 26, 2007

sal promised he would sign up too. will he? stay tuned. (if you are within a few hundred miles of madison, you should sign up too.)

Mad City Half Marathon


christopher uggen said...

i'm on it, jeremy. last year was a bit steamy, but madison runners are the best and the city looks beautiful in may.

Gwen said...

I'm thinking of signing up for a marathon, but this one comes too soon for me to prepare and not totally die, I think. If you decide to sign up for one in the fall, let me know, cause I might be able to do that.

mandy_vocal said...

Good luck with your training, Jer! If this race wasn't the same day as M.H.S.'s graduation, I'd be there in an instant!

sal said...

Done! :-)

jeremy said...

Chris: I'll look forward to seeing you there, even if Sal and I are just in for a half.

Gwen: I'll let you know if I'm doing one in the fall.

Amanda: I'm sorry you won't be joining us!

Sal: Good to know you've signed up!!