Sunday, March 18, 2007

weight watchers online: week 3 update

wwol: week 3

Okay, so tracking my Weight Watchers points while traveling has proven difficult. Nonetheless, I was well-behaved the whole week, choosing to be skeptical about the text message I received from a friend on Thursday: Remember points don't count on your birthday. In any case, today was weigh-in day and I'm down a couple more pounds. When I entered my weight, the WW site suggested that I should " Get some encouragement. Drop in on the Newbies Get Acquainted message board." Me, interacting with strangers. And here I thought I was doing well and they would recommend some kind of reward. Part of the reason I chose Weight Watchers Online in the first place was that someone who had been successful with it said, "You won't have to talk to anybody you don't know."


jess said...

Congrats, Jeremy!

I'm down 10 pounds as of my last weigh in, but I'll be lucky if this week (I weigh in on Mondays) is a wash. Between a Chuck E. Cheese birthday party on Friday, where the pizzas and cake flowed freely (the conversation not so much), and going out last night, I'm not optimistic.

I did learn something important during these nights out. I only have a couple pants that fit in my new size and they were in the laundry, so both nights I wore old pants that were way too loose. Bad idea. If you're going out, wear the tightest clothes possible (of course not so tight that you can't breathe or that you gross out fellow diners) so you don't feel like you can eat/drink as much.

Lucy said...

No need to talk to strangers when you have us to encourage you. Excellent work! You should get a reward, too.

Tina said...

Happy birthday, Jeremy!

Anonymous said...

You WILL fit through the door when you leave Cambridge. The question is, will your sofa? Can we expect surprises?

Ken Houghton said...

They meant "talk"—as in actually verbalise to another person, not type online. (A friend of ours who had much more success with WWO than my wife [primarily, one suspects, because she makes her living online and therefore used the resources] went to the chat rooms all the time for verification and advice.)

Think of WWO chats as Wikipedia for the BMI-repairing.

And belated Happy Birthday.