Sunday, March 25, 2007

not exactly like reaching the top of mount everest, but not exactly not like it, either

At 6:12pm this Sunday, my inbox, my IMAP "ACTION BIN" (where I am supposed to put e-mails I cannot dispense with quickly), and my GMail inbox are all empty; their accumulating contents having been successfully dispatched in a super-secret and super-surgetacular "Operation: Spring Cleaning" campaign. I'm not sure when the last time was I had empty inboxes. We might have to go back to the early years of graduate school, when e-mail was on a VAX and not everyone was using it.

I am giddy. I feel like taking a short run around the building here shouting "Free! Free!"


Kieran said...

Check your email, I just sent you some stuff to do.

Tina said...

and does your brain feel like water? I am still waiting for that feeling.

eszter said...

I don't get the obsession with empty inboxes. There are 16365 in mine (the primary one I use right now) and it's not the source of any stress. Maybe the ones starred are, but the fact that there are 16K, who cares?

But I'll play along, since you seem to consider this an important issue. I'm happy for you that you've cleared it all out. I'll be sure to follow Kieran's lead and will send you something soon.