Thursday, March 22, 2007

speaking of pink shirts...

official RWJ shirt - frontofficial RWJ shirt - back
(the person who took the photo actually adjusted my shoulders in order to get the photo on the right; I'm not exactly sure how my shoulders were before that was more unflattering)

"Do you really think our cohort is sassy?"
"I guess--I guess it's just that Jeremy is really sassy."

So, I've worn a pink shirt every time I've presented in the RWJ seminar, which started out from my joke that a social psychologist should wear pink when presenting to economists because of evidence suggesting it lowers aggression and then has taken a life of its own. Now, one of my fellow fellows took it upon himself to make T-Shirts for the group and decided to make them pink as well.

My cohort is identified as "Sassy Cohort XII" on the back. One of the members of Cohort XIII's name is spelled wrong, which just proves the maxim "Check spelling twice, print T-shirts once."

I think he should have put at the bottom, "A well-endowed foundation sent me to Harvard and all I got was this T-shirt!", perhaps adding "(and a nice salary, office space, a research budget, and assorted perqs)" in a smaller font underneath.

And yes, I will continue to spell it "perqs" until the bitter end, although I have mostly given up my quixotic fight for "cel" phone instead of "cell" phone.


Anonymous said...

The word misspelled on the pink shirts -- sassy should be, what?

shakha said...

why not just call it a mobile phone? then the fight becomes unnecessary. you may sound like a snob. but let's be honest, you are at harvard right now.

Ang said...

Why, again, do you prefer 'cel?' I always forget.

Anonymous said...

nice copy editing on "moffitt".

Ang said...

Sassy just isn't a word I would use to describe you, Jeremy. I'm not making a slight here; I just think there are more apt descriptors out there.

jeremy said...

I think I'm sassy in the sense of someone who likes to sass, but not in the other senses.

I like "cel" because "cell" looks wrong to me, even as it looks right to everyone else.

The copy editing was an act of solidarity. Put a Sharpie in my hand and I am invincible.

Tom Bozzo said...

Even though I'm a 'cel' skeptic, I'll stand by you on 'perq' as long as the bastards don't take 'perquisite' out of the dictionary.

I assume the headline in today's Personal Journal, "Gourmet Coffee Becomes The Latest Office Perk," is part wordplay.