Monday, March 26, 2007

now in my netflix queue: king antony and the gladiators of the round table

While [Louisville basketball coach Rick] Pitino acknowledged leaving Kentucky following the 1997 season was a "mistake," he joked that at age 54 he's "too old to leave" Louisville, but understands why there's so much speculation about his interest in the job.

"It's a great job. I had eight years of Camelot, I've said that," he said. "It's the Roman Empire of college basketball."


Anonymous said...

John McCain is 70 and Pitino is too old to coach Kentucky?

jeremy said...

As if it's not more work to coach college basketball than be President.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of which...I wonder who the Iowa Hawkeyes will be hiring? Interesting move by Alford.

TheInternetDog said...

Roman Empire? Try Evil Empire!