Tuesday, March 06, 2007

immortality is mine!

I was having a conversation with my dissertation advisor the other day about a couple of articles he has published that have recently received attention from some major media outlets. Then, however, we turned on to the true star turn of recent years: my own appearance in an article on blogging in Footnotes, the official journal of the American Sociological Association. Small-town boy detective finally hits the big time, I know. If you mail me your issue in a self-addressed stamped envelope, I will happily autograph it for you.

The interview was my attempt to push e-mail interviews to the next logical step by actually blogging the content of the interview as I was doing it (here, here, here, here). In the end, I just sent the reporter a set of links. If you read the article, see if you think my quotes read like a person writing for his blog rather than speaking to an interviewer.

I think the reporter did a great job with the article, although perhaps I'm biased since I'm quoted at length. I would have liked to have seen more sociology bloggers interviewed, as well as URLs of the blogs of those that were. Eszter is also interviewed in the article, as is C.N. Le, who I don't know personally, and Rebecca Hensley, who I don't know at all.


Anonymous said...

I loved the fact that they left out the URLs! Hilarious. ASA gets all 'down' with the kids n' stuff, but blows it in the end. But you are correct, you all came off pretty well. It certainly could have been worse.

shakha said...

It's not clear to me why this is the "big time" and your writings aren't... Do more people read Contexts than, say, ASR? You're not fooling anyone. You've already hit the big time! Don't believe me? Perhaps you should look at your CV!!!

Seriously, though. I think you should set up an autograph booth at ASA. Charge people for signings. But your rates should be lower for people who have commented on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Let's just wait till you get an offer to write for the NYTimes. dear Immortal. Then, maybe ... but not until.

Changeseeker said...

You might recognize the writing style on my blog, Jeremy. But I'm copping to nothing, of course. ;^)

It was a pretty decent article, huh? At least, I thought so.

Nice to meetcha.

*nods politely*