Friday, March 09, 2007

the boy detective in manhattan

Writing from a suspiciously large hotel room in the Hotel Lucerne on West 79th. Walking around New York City is less fun when it is really cold outside. And when you are by yourself. So I'm sitting here with room service and a book about the history of economics.

It's a lot like staying in hotel rooms in other exciting places I've traveled to for work-related purposes, only with much more honking and shouting outside.


Anonymous said...


If not, add it to your list!

shakha said...

Go to Barney Greengrass for breakfast! (If you're up). It's at 86th and Amsterdam. A NYC institution! That is, if you eat fish. Best smoked fish. And a great Bialy! That have non-fish items too. You can find it on-line.

I'm jealous. The Lucerne is swanky digs!

eszter said...

In case you happen to be up around Columbia (just by chance, you know:) then I highly recommend my favorite US pastry shop: The Hungarian Pastry Shop. It's on 11th and Amsterdam, the southwest corner. See my comments and some photos of pastry here and some additional photos of the place here.

You're quite close to Cafe Lalo at 83rd and Amsterdam. Their bathroom signs are notable. This was in the movie You've Got Mail (but I had already enjoyed visiting it before then:).

Finally, a bit further south, but not that far from you is Cafe Mozart with fancier looking, but not necessarily better (although certainly very good) pastries. I have some pics of that place, too.:)

So those are some places you may enjoy, but overall, yes, this is a good time to be visiting to get a more overarching idea of the city.

Anonymous said...

Eszter's post had me thinking... does your trip mean a WWOL update will be delayed this week?

Ang said...

Man, I totally would have gone with you to keep you company. If, you know, you had paid for it and stuff.

Ken Houghton said...

eszter - Didn't the Hungarian Pastry Shop close a few years ago?

jeremy - She meant 111th and Amsterdam, and if the answer is "no," then she's correct you should go there. V&Ts Pizzeria (get the salad, and use the extra dressing as a base for the slices) is adjacent as well.

Closer to where you are, NYCD (81st and Amsterdam) is a good place for CDs.

eszter said...

Ooops, sorry about the address mix-up, Ken, thanks for the correction. I definitely meant 111th. (And if Jeremy clicked through to the blog post I think that may have been clarified, or at least may have suggested he might want to double check.)

Last time I was there was October, 2006 (thanks to my Flickr stream I can figure out such dates) so it should still be there. It was certainly still thriving then.

jeremy said...

I had coffee with someone at the Hungarian pastry shop, although I did not myself have either pastries or coffee.

Anon 10:02pm: No, not THE WORLDLY PHILOSOPHERS, although I will add it to my list.