Wednesday, March 14, 2007

gondor calls for aid! oh, wait, it's just jeremy dressed up in his gondor suit again.

For reasons assuredly related to my ongoing plans to split the sociological atom, I am compelled to purchase a sheet-feeding scanner, preferably one from which it is simple to scan to pdf. If you have any recommendations or meta-recommendations--that is, recommendations about what would be a good way of going about finding a good recommendation--let me know.

Completely unrelated: Is it just me, or does this AP story practically scream out the next major scandal in sports: dog steroids!
Canadian Hans Gatt... said Mackey's [dog sled] team was the best-looking team on the Iditarod trail this year. Instead of tiring, his team recovered faster than any of the others after long runs between checkpoints and maintained their speed.

''I can't run my dogs like that,'' Gatt, of Whitehorse, said Tuesday, almost 100 miles back on the trail. ''He obviously has figured out something we have not figured out yet.''
You heard it here first: I'll bet my Floyd Landis bobblehead doll those dogs are juiced.


alan said...

Seriously, as if riding a dog-sled through the Yukon wasn't already sufficiently hard-core, the dogs are are sleeping in a hyperbaric chambers as part of their training, now.

Corey said...

Jeremy, if you wouldn't mind, please let us know how the scanner works for you. I'm thinking about doing something similar.

Anonymous said...

Consumer Reports did an extensive piece on flatbed scanners, that I wish included document scanners. However, they also did a piece a while back on all-in-one printers that included many with document feeders/scanners. The "Best Buy" all-in-one laser printer was the Brother DCP-7020 at around $200. It's document feeder holds 44 pages.

Anonymous said...

I had no luck with my HP all-in-one (some kind of software problem), so I ended up getting a stand-alone. I got a Xerox Documate 510, which is what my husband has at his office and which he likes. I've been really quite happy with it. It holds up to 50 pages, scans front & back easily, is simple to operate, and has proven reliable.

jeremy said...

Thanks for the advice. I'm looking into buying one now.