Tuesday, March 13, 2007

labels: meta

I've started to use labels for my posts. I have also retrolabelled some posts, which I will probably continue to do--ah, like so much else in my life--sporadically and incompletely. Whether going back or going forward, I am not going to go labelloony, either in giving many labels to individual posts or thinking that a post is naked if there isn't some label stuck to it.

I don't know if it is possible to include labels in my sidebar without having to entirely overhaul my template to the new style Blogger uses. If it is and I figure it out, I'll include them in my sidebar, as I know people are eager to be able to spend hours going back and re-reading all of my posts about karaoke or my short short fiction writing.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget a link to my favorite JF quote: "Fantasies about the remorseful reactions of others is never good grounds for any personal life decision, from suicide all the way down to canceling magazine subscriptions."

If it weren't so darn long, I'd tattoo it on me somewhere.

Anonymous said...

The bed contest.
Whatever was the winning vote on that one? You and a friend were going to order the same bed.

eszter said...

Oooh, I got my own label!:-)

You haven't gone back far enough with the labels, because the geeky breakfast photo post isn't included yet. But yes, I know you told us you weren't done yet. Just thought I'd mention it.:)

Welcome to label/category/tag world, it's fun, gives some semblance of organization.;)

Anonymous said...

... and when will you be leaving Cambridge? Will there be a parade?

Anonymous said...

...and where are you going from Cambridge? Will there be a welcoming parade there?

Lucy said...

I just added a list of labels to my sidebar manually. It's already out of date, but maybe if you come up with a fixed list of labels to begin with, it would work. Or it could be another thing to update sporadically and incompletely.