Sunday, July 16, 2006

sal's google talk away message says "i b pum'in"

Not to be unhip, but: what the hell is "pum'in"? I tried to ask the man himself, but he's apparently away from his machine. My guess is that it's "pumpkin," and "I be pumpkin" is some kind of celebration of a term of endearment between him and his beloved. I hope it's not "pummelin'" and that he hasn't gotten himself mixed up in Madison area cage-fighting yet again.

If I ever get back to doing real professoring again, I could have my message be "i b prof'in", although people might think instead I was making reference to Advil.

My own Google Talk away message is currently: "happy." Because I'm nowadays upbeat.


dorotha said...

what if it means "pumpin?"

jeremy said...

Plausible. Especially if he's pumping iron as part of his training to get back into cage fighting again.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

The Advil joke is causing me physical pain. But good for you, making an effort to be upbeat.

Anonymous said...

i b fess'in avoids the pain-killer confusion

Anonymous said...

you know, given the wide readership of this blog, it is quite an honor to be the subject of an entry! (i can rest in peace now) hehe

anyhow, "i b pum'in" is in reference to my working on several IPUMS files ( on the topic of computer ownership in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Mexico. Sorry to disappoint those of you who were hoping/dreading to see pictures of me a la Pitt or Norton.

but, i do have a friend (recently tenured) that is training to enter the octagon (for those of you interested, he'll be at ASA). hehe


jeremy said...

Sal: you've already been the subject of an entry in which we were wearing matching pajamas. In any case, I had thought about it being about IPUMS, but that seemed too geeky for someone as rico-suave as you.