Friday, July 14, 2006


Your basic assessment of me would change appreciably--even after accounting for the effect of this confession--if you knew just how many times I've watched clips of Taylor Hicks on the American Idol website. And it would change even more appreciably if you knew that I've made this special gray-topped sock puppet with which I act out some of his numbers (especially the part where he does the awesomely awesome little hoppy-running thing in the middle of "Try a Little Tenderness" [at 1:20]). Okay, I made this second sentence up. I only wish I was making up the first sentence.

Understand that I've never actually watched American Idol. I am, however, thinking maybe I should get cable and hook up my television to watch the next season. And, well, maybe get a fake birth certificate and drive to one of the East Coast tryouts. If prematurely gray can win last year, why not a much receded hairline this year?


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

On a similar note, towards the end of the CA dinner tonight I confessed to my dining companions that the book I am currently reading at the gym is titled Code Name: Nanny. This is what happens when I pick the restaurant for the CA dinner based on the availability of half-price margaritas.

I try to console myself with the thought that they surely can't imagine what the contents of a book called Code Name: Nanny are like--or if they can, they probably have something invested in not saying anything about it.

p.s. Your comments won't let me do underlining? WTF?

Teddy Love said...

But of course! Who would expect a bunch of conversation analysts to figure out that little utterance! You forget with whom you dine ;) Plus, there's always Goggle for the truly curious :)

Tonya said...

You really had me going with that sock puppet thing. I was thinking -- Wow! Jeremy is really into crafts! Maybe I should lend him my glue gun.

Anonymous said...

Harvard has changed the lad. Pity.

Gil said...

Fox is on broadcast so you should be able to get American Idol just turning on your tv.