Saturday, July 29, 2006

free floyd?

I wrote a post Thursday night about Floyd Landis, the rider who won the Tour de France and has been subsequently revealed to have failed a testosterone test. The post was written with a presumption that Landis was guilty, and was mainly a forum for me to work out my longstanding I-know-many-folks-have-found-inspiration-in-Lance-Armstrong-but-can't-we-just-stop-and-think-for-a-moment-about-how-unlikely-it-is-he-wasn't-cheating-as-dirty-as-cycling-otherwise-is-and-as-dominant-a-performer-he-was issues. Then I took the post down, mostly because I was still getting comments on my Animals and Society post.

I've decided to leave it down. I've been reading more about this today (note to Eszter: while doing analyses on my other monitor), and it seems extremely plausible that he's not guilty, or at least that the evidence presently against him is not good evidence (even if the other sample comes back with the same result).

So, um, provisional apologies, Floyd.

I would suggest that maybe Floyd had high testosterone because he had recently challenged the Nielsen people to give him more money, but one puzzle in the Landis test is that apparently he's tested positive for high testosterone not by actually having high testosterone but having a weirdly low value of the non-performance-enhancing substance used to benchmark testosterone measures.

Incidentally, I follow the Tour de France with mild-to-moderate fervor every year. It's the perfect sport for the Jeremy lifestyle: (1) boring to watch on television, but fun to follow in the form of online summaries and (2) since it's taking place many time zones ahead, following it makes for a delightful morning diversion (note to all: while working on my other monitor).

P.S. I just saw the video of Landis on Larry King Live. I certainly want him to be innocent. I even changed this post to strike through the "provisional" as an act of faith.


Teddy Love said...

WEll hip, hip hooray! I agree the post deserved to stay down. As you may recall from my comment yesterday, my passionate defense of Floyd ended with "Someone should come test MY testosterone levels!! Sheesh, I'm so fired up I could wrestle a roomful of survey researchers!!"

So I probably owe you one J. In addition to giving another great American cyclist a break, JFW readers really did not need to see the extent of my other procrastination-fueled obsession (in addition to my Brewers thing).
Gratefully, TL

Anonymous said...

Re your busy use of both monitors: Check out, the item about multitasking. It might be making you stupid .... (oh no!).

jholla said...

I know! I so want/hope/yearn for him to be innocent too! Almost as much as I wanted/hoped/yearned for Tyler Hamilton to be innocent. And a lot of good that did. I feel like I'm in an abusive relationship with cycling.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Apparently my mother is very upset at the whole scandal. My sister tells me that she is rather contemptuous of Lance, but adores Floyd.

Sister A said...

I think it's completely wrong to accuse him of cheating before doing the extra tests that could prove his innocence. Regardless of the outcome, everyone will still be wondering whether he cheated or not.