Saturday, July 08, 2006

i, i, i...

Jeremy's reflection in the trench
(photo by Eszter of the superdeep trench that she and I combined our Ph.D's to dig at the Evanszton beach on Friday afternoon)

Last night was a wedding reception for a couple of friends from graduate school.

"I remember you had that thing with ice cream flavors on your webpage."
"Yes. That was a long time ago."
"Do you still do things like that on the web?"
"No. My webpage is pretty straightforward."
"You're just boring and normal now."
"Something like that."

Meanwhile, today is the third anniversary of my blog. Let's just say I have a certain amount of ambivalence about this fact.


eszter said...

I can't believe how long it took you to write this post.;-)

And so what is that certain amount of ambivalence? (I'm not asking how much, I'm asking what it is.)

I like the title of the post, typical JFW cleverness (although less typical regarding its length;).

carly said...

That photo is really interesting and cool.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

I really like the photo, too.

And the blog. I like the blog.

Lucy said...

happy blog birthday!

jeremy said...

Carly, RWS, Lucy: Thanks.

Eszter: Only sometimes do I do long titles. I may do a post about blog ambivalence.

Winston said...

Congrats on 3 years of perserverence! What's with the ambivalence thing?

Anonymous said...

I don't understand the title of the post.

jeremy said...

III is three in roman numerals, and then this blog has been a lot of "I..., I..., I..." compared to me writing post after post about new sociological ideas.

nina said...

happy anniversary, JFW.