Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A week ago I posted about how social science and personal experience have combined to demonstrate that, while I am biologically male, I do not act like it in negotiating situations. Instead, I might as well be wearing Strawberry Shortcake underoos when I sit down at the bargaining table.

Shortly thereafter, I was asked to participate in the Nielsen surveys for online activity. Partly because my research interests lead me to be interested in what this survey looks like, I agreed, even though they said the survey would take 45 minutes. Plus, they said they'd send a check for $15. Later, I realized that their attention to response rates was probably such that there was another incentive level for reluctant respondents than just $15.

Anyway, they sent the URL and told me the check was on its way, but I've been pretty busy here and so doing a 45 minute survey hasn't made it to the top of the daily queue. I opened the link and looked at the first page, but that's all. Today I received the reminder e-mail noting I had "begun" the survey but not finished, and wondered if there were any problems.

My response: "The length of the survey appears such that I would need a larger incentive than what I was offered for it to make sense for me to complete it."

I could not feel any more manly right now, even if I walked outside and strangled some majestic deer to death with my bare hands and downed a case of Schlitz to celebrate, crushing the can against my forehead and belching loudly after each one. Seriously, I feel like I've just been hosed down with testosterone gel.

I will let you know what response I get from the folks at Nielsen.


brady said...

I can't wait for that response to show up, years from now, as evidence in some article on survey methodology and incentives.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Are there really people reading your blog to whom Strawberry Shortcake must be described?

That said, they may be unaware of the totally awful "new" Strawberry Shortcake currently being marketed. She wears a wide-brimmed hat with a ribbon, rather than her signature puffy cap-thing. It is a travesty. I would never wear underoos featuring this reimagining of the character.

dorotha said...

i feel totally icked out by your weird attempts to be "manly." can you just be yourself?

Anonymous said...

Way to stick it to 'em!

Teddy Love said...

OK, so am I this totally anomalous creature (wait, don't answer that!) or what?!

To whit, after a particularly heart-breaking loss Saturday night, I emailed the Milwaukee Brewers television announcer, Daron Sutton, and basically demanded that he shave his recently acquired goatee (whose appearance and growth has been inversely proportional to Brewers' wins) since it was obvious that said goatee was sucking the life out of the Brewers. I am superstitious in regards to only a few things, baseball being one of them. Well, Daron shaved and the Brewers are now on a 2 game winning streak.

And seriously, when I saw him on TV last night without the goatee, I felt like I had been hosed down with estrogen-gel. And then when the Brewers won, I was pumping my fist in the air and singing "I am woman hear me roar". So uhm, what causes me to attribute such empowerment to being thoroughly female and you to attribute it to being male?

Methinks the whole "woman as bad negotiator" narrative is the province of upper middle class white women because where I come from women do it all (and always have) and aren't afraid to say so (or act so).

Anyway J, I'm glad you're feeling empowered ... uhm, just don't post any photos of your testosterone-fueled frenzy. This blog has seen enough gore lately!

Anonymous said...

Of course your realize that by trying to drive up incentives for crappy marketing surveys, you may in turn drive demand for higher social survey incentives too, right? Just a thought.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Also, they ought to know that they should have sent the check first (Berry & Kanouse 1987).

(That second name looks ridiculous. I am rapidly reaching the conclusion that half the names under which people publish were invented to fuck with me when I'm studying for prelims.)

Tonya said...

I'll bet you're swaggering around your apartment right now. You're wearing a muscle shirt too, aren't you?

Anonymous said...

so what kind of underoos does a manly sociologist wear?

brady said...

If y'all think Jeremy's knee boo-boo constitutes icksome gore, there is entirely too little zombie-based entertainment in your lives.

I mean, he scraped his knee. That little girl in Night of the Living Dead ATE HER OWN MOTHER.

jeremy said...

Tonya: Not only am I wearing a muscle shirt around my apartment, but I'm riding a motorcycle around my apartment as well. While eating a gigantic shank of meat.

T-L: The Brewers announcer anecdote is hilarious. I'm worried about your Brewers thing, though, they are destined to break your heart.

jeremy said...

JJ: I don't even want to get into the whole survey incentives literature, about which I also have some (not always willing) familiarity, other than to say that it was part of how I figured they would be likely using a differential incentives scheme. The only reason they might not is that they are such a well-known survey and bloggers could get out the word on what their maximum is.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Hey, I was the one with the citation. Not JJ.

Teddy Love said...

Yeah, speaking of which, I can't even talk about the game tonight. This is getting serious. What's up with me and these heart-breaking men? (ok, don't answer that one either :) And yet I persist ... Cerveceros Day here I come!