Thursday, June 22, 2006

root root root for the home team

I went to a game at Fenway with an economist from my program on Wednesday night (as well as a political scientist and his wife, but they weren't sitting with us). Over the course of the evening, I picked up several different tips about handling financial matters that means my scalped ticket easily paid for itself. (Minor example: you can use Coinstar here to cash in your coins and now have the money credited to Amazon so that there is no fee charged.)

I felt otherwise sorry for the economist, as those who know me know I basically have "awkward/boring" and "(thinks-he's)hilarious/fun" modes for social events, and I was in the former last night for whatever reason, probably connected to (1) spending much of the afternoon working on a programming problem that was both frustrating and a ridiculous way to spend almost half a work day and, well, (2) not having any alcohol.

By happenstance, I am going to another game at Fenway this Sunday afternoon with two friends of mine from undergrad. I bought four tickets, but don't have a fourth person to bring, so I don't know what I will do with the other one. Let me know if you have any ideas. I will be in my more enjoyable mode then.

Speaking of which, I am going to need to spend much of my next 36 hours cleaning for the arrival of said friends. Ugh, I'd rather be working on a frustrating programming problem. I should have found a way to outsource the cleaning (I know, I know).


jholla said...

Well, to be fair, in my former life I was an economist and nearly all of the economists I knew could be categorized as either "awkward/boring" or "hilarious/fun" in social situations. So I would hypothesize that either a) your friend also goes back and forth between those two modes and was fine with it or b) your friend spends a fair amount of time with other economists and is used to it.

Wait a second... are you an economist??

Anonymous said...

Tips for avoiding fights at Fenway, don't ever root for the Yankees.

dorotha said...

give someone the ticket in exchange for cleaning your apartment.

also, try to be funibumpity instead of being just fun.

jeremy said...

I am not an economist.

I thought funnibumpity was with two n's.