Wednesday, June 14, 2006

q: is it true jeremy looks just like that drawing on his blog, only balder?

all pensive at picnic point

a: You decide. Maybe "only balder and with gray hairs" would be better. In any case, I think I would like to go around animated all the time if I could.

The photo was taken on a walk along the lakeshore path to Madison's famed Picnic Point, where my excitement at being by the lake finally overcame me and I took off my socks and hopped in the water for a photo.

taking off my socks to get in the water at picnic point
at picnic point, in water

Omitted from the photographic record is a shot of my slipping on a rock and falling, or the interesting purply welt on my shin that followed.

(Also BTW, click here if you missed my beloved Tonya's blog photo unveiling of herself last week.)


Sister A said...

Do you still have the Charlie Brown shirt? I'd like to see you wear it when you're in "full time animation mode." That would be cool!

Anonymous said...

I think you're cute. Not at all a candidate for Extreme Makeover.

jeremy said...

Thanks, Mom, it's good to know you are reading my blog.

Sister A: Of course I still have the Charlie Brown shirt, although for Peanuts characters I probably identify more with Linus. Other people might identify me more with Pigpen.

Anonymous said...

... and with loss of hair, you'll never go gray!

Tonya said...

Linus is my favorite Peanuts character. I identify with him too -- except that I'm female. Maybe it's the security blanket.

dorotha said...

i identify with the football

eszter said...

You didn't include my favorite one from this set. Why is that one such a tiny photo? Was it cropped?