Thursday, June 15, 2006

(madison) ssf: the sequel

This past spring, I took a course on "short short fiction" and thoroughly enjoyed it. The course is being offered again this summer, and another guy in the class (Bill) this spring told me he was taking it again. He had talked to the instructor and she said some assignments would be the same as last time, and some would be different. I decided to do so as well, even though I was going to have to miss the first class (and maybe others) and even though I'm not sure how much time I am going to have for storywriting.

The first class was last night. Bill sent a report this morning:

Class is bigger (13 or 14). Some with some writing background. Two
high school students. One other guy took the class before.

First assignment same as last time.

Two stories:

1. 5 chars, less than 500 words, each char must have a name (we will
read these in class next week)

2. Story about an object (btw. she read both severed ears and traveling
ham again to everyone in class)
Dorotha has said that if I post what the assignments are, she will try her hand at SSF herself. You should, too! Less than a thousand words. Here are the stories I wrote for #1 (postpended to the 'severed ears' story) and #2 last year.


dorotha said...

how did i miss this post? okay, i will get writing!

btw, my secret verification "word" this time is awkrt. this is how i am going to spell awkward from now on.

jeremy said...

You missed it because I just posted it but originally had the wrong datestamp because I uploaded the graphic earlier.

Anonymous said...

(oh dear)

Anonymous said...

Fine. But how about if you up the ante for yourself, since it's a repeat? No more asking readers to suggest ideas (as though you had better things to do). And remember that old Seinfeld episode, when Kramer was tossing kids around in his karate class? (Ask around if you don't know about it.)
Let's see what you can do on your own. Good luck, old boy.

jeremy said...

Ha. If anything, I might try lowering the ante for myself, as I have no business spending the time to write the stories given other obligations.

Anonymous said...

Well said, Kramer!

Anonymous said...


carly said...

Oooo, more short short fiction! The only kind of fiction I have time for ;-)