Saturday, June 17, 2006

(milwaukee) yes, they did get married

There are some technical issues with the blog coverage of the wedding, related to (a) the increasingly poor quality of my handwriting as I was rushing to compose text as the ceremony went on and (b) my absolute need to spend some quality time viewing the Masters of American Comics exhibition at the Milwaukee Art Museum after the reception.

BTW, Milwaukee is supposedly easy to navigate, but through some combination of intrinsic difficulty, my bad sign reading, and Stella's even worse map reading, we have driven literally over 30 miles out of our way being lost at different times the last two days.


eszter said...

Did that require leaving town then? I didn't realize it was large enough to drive out of your way that much while staying within city limits.

As for the wedding, you can't possibly expect any type of simulblogger recognition with this kind of a delay, can you? Nice try, but your geek quotient still needs some work. I think your readers deserve their money back. Refund!

A+ said...

Actually, Milwaukee's about 250 square miles, with a metro pop of about a million.