Saturday, June 24, 2006

i'm starting to get tired of how tired i seem to regularly look in photos

at k & w wedding
(with unidentified hanger-on at wedding last weekend)

exploding pen
(after freakish exploding pen incident in Madison last week)

At least I've been running and eating better since getting back to Cambridge, so maybe I will succeed in climbing back on the fitness horse. Cheese and cola continue to be severe vices that I keep saying I should do something about, just like I am procrastinating on taking charge of the whole procrastination thing.

As a different matter, I was talking to my mother last night and she is now apparently looking at my blog sometimes. "Most of it just goes right over my head," she said, with a little "Ffyoo" sound effect of something sailing over her head. But she said she likes the pictures. (Look, Mom, more photos in which I look tired!) I told her that if she clicked on the photos she would be transported to a page that had even more photos, and that Sister A could use this same magic place to keep her photos as well. My mother has also apparently become fond of the Internet Checkers game that is bundled with Windows, although she's noticed that when she is beating an opponent they will just quit rather than let her follow her triumph through to completion.


Anonymous said...

Not so much tired, I think. Rather as though someone just bopped you on the head. Pop-eyed. Not a bad look for an academic, really.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

What I discovered about cheese when I went on WW: it is harder to eat cheese if you don't buy any. But I guess that strategy works better when you don't eat out for every meal anyway. Good luck with the running!

(I don't think you look that tired in the second photo. In the first, okay, but it was after a morning wedding and lots of traveling over the past few weeks, right?)

dorotha said...

i think you look smurfy in the second photo.

Tonya said...

Internet checkers players can be such sore losers.

john said...

In the photo that I have of you, you appear to be quite chipper.

It's a classic Jeremy photo, where one person is sitting normally, and you've kind of made it look as though you're leaning into the shot. At least I seem to recall many other shots where you're in a similar state.

tina said...

A colleague of mine had the Freakish
Exploding Pen Incident happen to him while delivering a brown bag talk to an esteemed interdisciplinary program on campus.

He didn't notice the Incident until he had smeared the ink all over his face due to his thinking deep thoughts which required him to stroke his imagined beard, which is much larger than his actual goatee. (NB: I also stroke my imagined beard whence trying to think deep thoughts. I feel that it really helps).

Brayden said...

When I first saw the pen-exploded picture I thought you were using your fingers to signal quotation marks, which I thought was strange since your mouth didn't appear to be moving.

Lucy said...

my first thought was of finger quotes too, thanks to this competition:
It's a pity you're too late to enter; I think you would've done well

Rabah Qial said...

It's less tiring knowing I am not the only one walking around with a tired half-face. Count up, another positive point.. so keep being tired :)