Wednesday, June 29, 2005

i think we're a clone now

I've been listening a lot to Tegan and Sara lately. No, I am not aspiring to quit my job and follow them around; I worry that I have given blog readers the impression that I am promiscuous and fickle in this regard. Nor do I have any plans to name any future children after them. But, I do enjoy their music and regard them as a credit to Canadians and monozygotic twins everywhere. Especially recommended is "You Wouldn't Like Me" and "Where Does the Good Go?" on So Jealous.

Part of the refrain of "You Wouldn't Like Me" is "I feel like / I wouldn't like me / if I met me". For years, I have wondered what my reaction would be if I met another person who was exactly like me. Would I get along with them, or would I feel weirdly competitive with them and dislike them? It has always struck me that it would be a considerable character flaw if I wouldn't get along with myself, although it is less clear whether would bespeak a flaw in the way I behave or in the standards I use to judge other people.

A heterosexual counterpart to the theory, of course, is wondering about something who is exactly-like-you-just-the-opposite-sex and wondering whether or not you'd be interested in dating them. My suspicion is that the number of people who would is a good deal smaller than the number of heterosexuals who would be friends with a same-sex other who was exactly like them.*

"Tegan" (Rhymes with Vegan) and "Sara" (Rhymes with Sarah) are of course odd names for twins; you'd think that parents would either go with two "normal" names for twins or two "unusual" names. About which I've been wondering:

Someone told me this week that T&S played Madison last Sunday, which had me angry that none of my more hip-and-informed friends had told me about it. Meanwhile, the web says they are coming to Madison next month. If anyone knows the scoop for sure, let me know.

* Especially since Tegan and Sara are identical twins, I cannot resist adding here that there is a recorded instance of two gay male identical twins who were separated at birth and who, after being reunited as adults, proceeded to date one another. What became of the relationship, I don't know. I would imagine breaking up with your contemporaneous clone is probably relatively easy, as breakups go, since you probably were both thinking the relationship had run its course.


dorotha said...

*especially b/c tegan and sara are queer.

Belle Reve said...

For filling my dance card, I tend to check pollstar.

Anonymous said...

oh the "I" vs. the "me" conundrum - does playing with yourself mean that you like me?

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

I saw posters that said they were coming at the end of July--the 26th or 27th. I was thinking of going; I really like their stuff.

Tom Bozzo said...

Their tour page says July 26th at the now-departed Luther's Blues. I assume Isthmus is correctly reporting the change of venue.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Yeah, I forget where the posters said, but they noted it was a move from Luther's Blues.

Also, I picked "Tegan." As you might imagine. Of course, we have a similar situation in my family: Cabell, Sophonisba, and... Hannah.

jeremy said...

I wonder if T&S would be doing so well if it was Tegan and Sophonisba.

Thanks for the clarification so I can mark 7/26 on my calendar.

dorotha said...

okay, fine, i will admit that i was obviously wrong about the date. i misread "july 26" as "june 26."

you wouldn't even know that tegan and sara existed if it weren't for me.

brady said...

C'mon, "Speak Slow" has the best hook on that record.

Not, I mean, that I listen to such sugary, twee records.

Damn...when's that new Son Volt record coming out?

donna said...

I had to vote on this because Cabell posted a link to it, and because I went to Tegan and Sara's high school, so I have a big dorky afinity for them.

I voted 'Tegan' by the by. But I think I have a tolerance for that name merely because of them. If it was my own name, I'd probably be tolerant of it as well.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Wait, I linked to this? Oh, you mean in my sidebar. Yes, I linked to this.

I believe Donna is the one who introduced me to Tegan & Sara, along with 500 other Canadian artists, leading ultimately to my karaoke performance of "New Orleans is Sinking."

jeremy said...

Karaoke historians have argued that RWS's performance of "New Orleans is Sinking" was a turning point in Wisconsin Sociology Karaoke.

Since Tegan appears to be winning in the poll, maybe I should have a name tournament where next people choose between Tegan and Cabell.

Rhymes With Scrabble said...

Not Tegan and Sophonisba?

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