Tuesday, June 07, 2005

you're not still using technorati, are you? or the ttlb ecosystem? or blogdex? let's face it, those are so first quarter 2005...

Since Brayden was recommending tools to enhance the blogreading experience the other day on his site, let me pass along my own recommendation for YouReadMe, which I think stands as good a chance as anything as being the platform that breaks through and becomes the AutoBlogDigest source of choice. It's basically a site that uses the links that posts get from other blogs to figure out what are posts that someone who wants to be bloghip should be reading. It also has some other cool features, and presumably more are on their way--it seems like a platform with High Potential.

(Ann: if you read this, given your high number of links from other blogs, you might be especially interested in checking this out. For that matter, Ann, as long as I got your attention, let me also compliment you on the sultry new photo you're using as your profile photo.)

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Ann Althouse said...

Thanks, Jeremy. YouReadMe seems to just do what Blogdex does, right? For finding the news stories everyone's blogging about, I use Memeorandum a lot. Actually, my favorite and classic method for finding things to blog about is to read the paper NYT and see what reaches out to me.