Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this has to be spam, right? but spam always changes names? why am i getting multiple spam messages with the same name?

Who would have thought that "Pornnapa" was really somebody's first name? And that she would have a STATA question for which she very much wanted an answer?

Update, next day: A friend was complaining to me last night that this message confused her. Yes, I received several e-mails from someone with the first name "Pornnapa". Yes, I assumed at first that they were spam. Yes, it turns out that Pornnapa is a real person (a woman from Thailand). Yes, she was e-mailing me with a Stata question. (No, this doesn't necessarily mean that you, if you are just a random person out there in the world who I don't know, should e-mail me with your Stata questions.)


Anonymous said...

I would have thought Pornnapa was the name of a holding company invested in adult entertainment and vineyards in Northern California.

Anonymous said...

It's gotta' be Nigerian, meaning Pornpapa. Did they tell you they have a "good deel" or offer to "seel you some cheap watches"?