Thursday, June 02, 2005

from aspen: be strong, jeremy!

(Photo of a poster that I took while in Warsaw last month)

Day 11 of Online Weight Watchers. The posh food here has been eroding my will. After being good at dinner last night and this morning, I broke down and had not only a larger lunch than what I had planned, but then a brownie (gasp!) on top of that. You would think I would be motivated by being at a health conference and feeling like, every time somebody brings up the obesity epidemic in the US, they are talking about me personally. Then again, you might think a health conference wouldn't be continually serinading its participants with food.

That said, as far as I can tell, it seems possible from my travels that people who study health may be less likely to be obese even than other academics (who, I think, are plainly less likely to be obese than Americans as a whole, although probably not less than the population of persons with postsecondary degrees as a whole.)


tina said...

Yo! Shout out to the RWJ crew!

Skinny bastards.

Anonymous said...

Of course I had to read your post while falling off my own diet bandwagon... (must. have. chocolate, chocolate-chip muffin.....)