Friday, June 24, 2005

associate palindrome associate

So, a sometimes reader--you know who you are--convinced me that it was okay for me to change my signature file* from "assistant professor" to "associate professor". Recently, I learned that the University of Wisconsin's dictionary of occupational titles includes a set of positions called "Faculty Associate" that exist parallel to positions with the "Professor" title. This means that if you are an "Assistant Faculty Associate" and get promoted, you are indeed officially an "Associate Faculty Associate."


nina said...

...associate faculty associate is then followed (again, to parallel the professor track) by full faculty associate, which sounds to me like someone calling a glass full while also acknowledging that it is half empty.

dorotha said...

hey, is this post supposta have a footnote?

jeremy said...

Oops. It did, but then I decided it wasn't worth adding and deleted it.