Wednesday, June 29, 2005

given that it was a chemistry class and an exercise in combustion, you would think it could have been plausibly cast as extra credit

"HOUSTON, Texas (AP) -- A chemistry teacher who was at least three months behind on her car payments gave passing grades to two failing students who stole and burned her car so she could collect insurance money, a fire investigator said. "


Rhymes With Scrabble said...

What, all you get for arson is a PASSING grade? That's quite the buyers' market.

jeremy said...

That said, there may exist some failing students who do not even care so much about the grade so long as they get to (1) set fire to something, (2) ruin their teacher's career, and (3) make the national news.

dorotha said...

i realize you have the RWJ next year, but do you really think this is a good thing to be talking about in a forum that your students have access to? you will never collect the insurance money now, not when this is so public.