Wednesday, June 08, 2005

the crying game

Sometimes spouses don't like coming to the annual meetings of the American Sociological Association. (Shocking, I know.) Sometimes they are still reluctant even when beseeched by their beloveds. If this happens, feel free to bring out the big guns: tell them that Jeremy's fragile emotionality depends on their attendance. Judging from friends of mine from Tashkent, OH, it works! She e-mails:
i just told [name] (over the phone) that your heart was broken and you were sobbing when you learned that he might not go to the ASAs, and [name] promptly said "okay, i'll go." then i cheered, delighted that i will have my life partner with me at the ASAs, and he said "i'm just doing it for jeremy."
Speaking of which, are the sociology bloggers getting together in Philly? Didn't we talk about this awhile back? Isn't Brayden supposed to wrestle one of the graduate students in my department (Shakha? Autumn? Shakha and Autumn?) or something like that? Let me know if that's still on and I'll bring my referee's suit and my portable ring with special safety-padded turnbuckles.


tina said...

Pub Sociology will be hosting its Annual Blogetogether at the ASA. We at the Pub might be more worried about miscreant Madisonians throwing down at this event if we weren't sure that they will mistakenly take their wrath out on the Berkeley kids instead.

Anonymous said...

don't let unknown bloggers steal your time away from us, your family, at ASAs. i *will* resent that. -erin

Brayden said...

Autumn still wants my ear? Can't we all just have a drink together and make fun of the Berkeley non-bloggers?

jeremy said...

erin: I'm sure there will be all kinds of quality-Indiana-time at ASA's.