Sunday, October 17, 2004

you are never too young to know where your renal pelvis is

Check it out: medical illustrations by kids! (Via Henry, even if the link from his page was/is broken.)


Anonymous said...

The links working now, you'll be pleased to know. How *did* you end up with Dorotha's cell phone calling me up at 11 PM on a Saturday night to ask me whether a link on my web-site to kids' drawings of ulnas and spleens was legit, or just some crazy fabrication on my part? There's a story behind this; there has to be.

dorotha said...

henry, have you seen the movie Saved!? i lent jeremy my copy and desperately needed it back on saturday night. sometimes one just needs to watch macauly culkin to ground oneself.

why we were talking about you is an entirely different question. i'm beginning to think that jeremy is a bit obsessed with you.

Anonymous said...

You two can't keep silent about this forever. One day I will have everything revealed to me, you just wait! And I'll wait, too! We'll just wait and wait. Okay, enough waiting, speak now. Also, why were you talking about me?
I want to see this movie Saved!. It is on the "queue" that I keep for a popular internet dvd rental service that I subscribe to. I take it your take on the film is that it is "gueud"? Don't you think that Macauley Culkin is "cueute"?