Monday, October 25, 2004

physics vindicated

I was reading this NYT article on a poll of physicists of what they thought were the most beautiful equations. I was dismayed that Euler's theorem was not on the list, which to me seemed akin to leaving Mount Rushmore off a list of South Dakota's top tourist attractions. What kind of imbeciles do we let do physics, anyway, I thought. But then, in the gallery side-feature, I saw that Euler's theorem did indeed have enough enthusiasts as to be the co-winner of the poll. It was only the biased NYT reporting that caused them to omit Euler, perhaps because his name is pronounced OY-ler, and thus might subliminally influence some of the math-undecided vote in Bush's favor.


Anonymous said...

Tom Volscho had a piece in his Blog about a wacko physics Prof. who was carted off to the Admin building for evaluation - he went off the deep end, too much late night ciphering - he made vague threats and all kinds of things - they can't be trusted

dorotha said...

my friend just helped out with my girl scout troop by teaching them some simple chemistry things. when i dropped him off, i helped bring a bunch of safety glasses inside and noticed that he has a framed poster of euler and this equation hung in his living room.