Saturday, October 30, 2004

so you drove down to indiana. did you get a chance to stop in chicago?

Only on the side of the freeway for awhile.


Anonymous said...

D'oh! Last time I went thru Chicago on my way to Indiana, I ran over some debris on the freeway, and ended up with a flat tire near Kominski Park (which is now Verizon Field, or some such corporate name) where there is NO SHOULDER and the neighborhood is a bit sketchy. Thank goodness for friendly Chicagoans!!

Anonymous said...

New Comiskey Park. Now U.S. Cellular Field.

Anonymous said...

As a customer of and former vendor for U.S. Cellular, I feel partially responsible for the naming rights that have cursed the cities of Chicago, Milwaukee and Cedar Rapids. (Any others have U.S. Cellular-sponsored venues?)