Wednesday, October 06, 2004

when you read 'potential students' and 'out-of-state students' below, substitute 'football recruits'

From Lincoln Journal Star Online:
Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee soon may be filming a reality TV show at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Lee, who helped Motley Crue record hard rock classics like 'Kickstart My Heart' and 'Smokin' In the Boys Room,' could be hoping to put the doctorate in 'Dr. Feelgood.' He just has to get the bachelor's and master's degrees first.

Rolling Stone reported the 42-year-old signed on to star in a reality series for NBC, in which cameras will follow Lee as he enrolls in college and experiences campus life. [...]

The university wouldn't profit financially from the reality show, Fitzgibbon said, but UNL would get its name out to potential students.

"They don't really know what we're about," Fitzgibbon said of out-of-state students.

"The more we can tell that story and get that story to people that don't really know about us, the chances are they'll understand what's special about Nebraska, and maybe they'll decide to come here."
For those who don't follow college football, Nebraska used to have a wildly successful national college football recruiting considering that they were asking athletes to come to Lincoln. The presumption of many observers was something Very Special must have happened to potential recruits (and/or their parents and coaches) on the recruiting trip to Lincoln. Trampolines, trapezes, trunks of cash have all been rumored to be involved, although I'm sure that's all just slander. Anyway, whatever it was that was so alluring about Lincoln, the magic has since been lost; Nebraska's recruiting isn't what it was and the football program has fallen into muddled disrepair. I knew they were absolutely desperate for exposure that would help put them back on the radar of recruits, but I had no idea they were Tommy Lee desperate.


Jude said...

Damn you, Jeremy Freese.

You are simply trying to denigrate the University of Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles with this post.

How can you do such a thing, given your earlier sentimental take on the Iowa Hawkeyes? How can you?

Like Iowa, USM is a smaller school that, against all expectations, ocassionally fields a good football team.

This year, the Golden Eagles beat Nebraska in Lincoln, in a classic victory on behalf of the Davids everywhere.

And you dare to belittle that achievement. For shame, sir. For shame.

jeremy said...

Au contraire, Jude, USM fans should take pride, as it may well have been USM's humiliating the Cornhuskers at home that was the final push toward making them Tommy Lee desperate.